Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ed Hardy Mans’ Board Shorts

Monday tape in the double favorable conditions, showing a strong recovery market, the Shanghai index test a low slightly after the release of unfavorable factors, a gradual shock rebound back above short-term moving average, display the current pattern of broader market is still strong among the not changes in the broader market rebound intermediate.In operation, do not panic too much IPO, you can rest in place careful

attention to appropriate part of the mainstream stocks, but still short-term operation, control, risk-based, pay close attention to news of the change.On the one hand, the May total to good macroeconomic data, investor confidence to its gradual recovery,fashionable dress, it will enhance the long-term investors in the ownership mentality, as this would constitute strong support of the A shares; the other hand, market liquidity environment more relaxed. Ed Hardy, in May M2 rose 25.74 Ed Hardy Clothing, indicating a more adequate money supply,tiffany, the market and fast growth. can be seen in the loose monetary liquidity sufficient Christian Audigier is conducive to sustained economic growth to resume.As the IPO is still hanging in the air the sword, is expected to drop Tuesday broader market order market volatility are announced in May, following last week’s macroeconomic Swimwear became clear, the biggest uncertainty in the current Ed Hardy Tattoos preferred shares IPO will gate, and the argument tends to starting the first Ed Hardy Shoes is the large cap. I believe that, although the short Ed Hardy Designs, the IPO market will put some of the negative impact is indisputable, but the negative Ed Hardy Shirts does not change after the release of intermediate trend.

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